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Jumpin’ Jesus – The Art of Crucifying [Re-release]

jumpin’ jesus – the art of crucifying [re-release]

Jumpin’ Jesus…on a stick! German Death Metal combo Jumpin’ Jesus (let’s be honest, Rotting Christ was already taken when the band was formed in 1989) had a short-lived career and started with a demo in 1990, which had the surprising title…”Demo”. Seems the creativity-well went dry after the band name discussion. The band got signed by their fellow Germans of Morbid Music (a sublabel of West Virginia Records) and released the debut “The Art of Crucifying” in 1991 on CD, 12” Vinyl and Cassette. The Death Metal played by Jumpin’ Jesus has some technical twists and pace changes to make it interesting throughout the whole album and it is less brutal and “in your face” than most US-Death Metal oriented bands in those days. When we stick between the German borders, one can say this is more harsher version of early Atrocity (“Hallucinations”). The album itself is not remastered, so you will hear the fine 1991 sound through the speakers, but the bonus tracks (the demo) are remastered. Not everyone is a big fan of re-releases, but sometimes you hear bands again you have forgotten for a while. Therefore I can say; “it was a pleasure meeting you again, Jumpin’”. (Ricardo)