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Altar [HOL] – And God Created Satan to Blame for His Mistakes [Demo – Re-release]

altar [hol] – and god created satan to blame for his mistakes [demo – re-release]

“The throne of fire now belongs to me!!!”..1992. 25 years ago The Netherlands (and thanks to tape-traders, more parts of the world) got acquainted with the fine Death Metal of Altar. At that time the Death Metal they played gained them a solid reputation by the fans (described as the Dutch answer for Deicide), but there was also another reputation…Due the gentle and subtle lyrics on how they look towards christianity, religious fanatics wanted to boycott everything that is Altar or is related to Altar. There is no thing as bad press, so more and more people wanted to know about Altar. All demos were sold out and also their debut “Youth Against Christ” sold very well. 25 years later the demo is still valid. When you hear “Throne of Fire” you still hear a powerful Old School Brutal Death Metal hymn that passes the test of time. This re-release got 7 bonus live tracks of a gig in 1993 and everything is remixed and remastered. Besides new artwork this album also has a booklet with rare pics and an exclusive in depth interview done by Pim Blankenstein (vocalist of Officium Triste, but mainly known as underground maniac and collector). Sometimes you hear or see re-releases and you ask yourself “Why? It wasn’t that good…”, not with this one mate…this is a proper one! (Ricardo)