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Ancient Necromancy – Diabolical Forest Alchemy [Demo]

ancient necromancy – diabolical forest alchemy [demo]

From the creative mind of Eldrinacht, Ancient Necromancy was born. Based in the USA, 2020 saw the rise of said entity. “Diabolical Forest Alchemy” is the project’s first offering, released by Nithstang Productions.

A collection of 3 ferocious tracks plus a beautiful Intro, a Dark and Haunting start. AN lives within the margins of the rawest side of Black Metal. Black Metal vocals and Black Metal guitar riffs, Black Metal melodies and Black Metal atmospheres. Keyboard driven anthems, flanked by strident and tireless vocals. The guitars are just spot-on, giving the music this sort of epic sensation. In the middle of the storm, the musician has the notion that there is a need for dynamism and time variation in each song. That said, it strategically places acoustic details that will allow those moments. In a world packed with Black Metal and more Black Metal, it does feel good to have someone show you that things do not need to be like the ones that came before or, more importantly, like the ones that exist in the present time.

Not that the blokes reinvented the wheel, per se, but his approach, and the lack of fear he has when it comes to the use of keyboards, shows that we are in of a treat. Future releases are enthusiastically awaited. (DanielP)