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Crypt Dagger – From Below [EP]

crypt dagger – from below [ep]

It seems the German horde Crypt Dagger had a short moment of being active in the world of Old School Metal. Started in 2019, pooped out a demo and 2 EPs and called it a day in 2020, so they left as quickly as they arrived.

“From Below” was the last action of Executer ov Hell, Poser Disposer and Savage Defiler of the 14000. I’ve heard a lot of aliases, but Savage Defiler of the 14000…I can’t imagine there would be anyone out there who will say “ah fuck, he beat me to it!”.

Is it a shame we don’t have Crypt Dagger, and especially Savage Defiler of the 14000, among us anymore? No, therefore the punkish Celtic Frost, Hellhammer and Venom inspired Black/Speed Metal with occasional high squeals isn’t special enough.

The sound and riffs all sounds familiar and fits the attitude, and it is not bad…but a lot of albums fits the “not bad” description. (Ricardo)