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Blackevil – Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire

blackevil – forever baptised in eternal fire


I’ve said it before and I’ll probably keep saying it ad nauseum, but there’ something about superb metal and our friends in Germany that just go together like beer & nuts or beer & Kransky or beer and….ok you get the drill. This time, it’s the Germanic heathens, Blackevil, that have provided us with an awesome mix of black & thrash in their 2nd full length album “Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire” which is released 25 September.

All the tracks on this grand album absolutely rip along at full tilt with barely a chance to catch your breath with magnificent riffs, black themed vocals, more magnificent riffs and even some melodic beauty with maliciously demonic tracks that are about what black metal is best at, the netherworld, purgatory and even a teensy bit of devil worship. Once you get a look at the track list, you will see what I’m on about.

Tracks that will literally kick the shit out of you without even a by your leave are “Black Fire Tornado”, “The Disciple”, and “Lucifers Supremacy”. Told ya about the track list. All these penetrate your ear passages with a mammoth battery of riffs, blastbeats and howling vocals which tie everything together in a classic sounding Black/Thrash mix of savage aggression.

The title track, “Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire”, could be used for the soundtrack for every horror movie ever made. Aggressive vocals that could have come from the dark lord himself with his ghouls either side of him shredding on human carcass guitars with demonic violent drumming using beaters made from the bones of the damned providing the hellfire backdrop. 8 odd minutes of pure metal mayhem. Absolutely epic track.

Now, go and break open that can you’ve been putting your shrapnel over the last year with a dirty big hammer, count out your farthings and go get yourself a copy of “Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire”. I promise you’ll play it again and again. (Longstretch)


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