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Rapid – Blackstar Oppression Regime [EP]

rapid – blackstar oppression regime [ep]


Finnish Speed Metal combo Rapid came to my attention through their 2017 released 7” single (Svart Records) that my partner in crime here VincentP bought for the both of us. The single appealed to me, not only musically, but also the aesthetics of the single’s appearance appealed to every living cell in my body, as the penchant for 80’s Speed Metal is deeply ingrained in my DNA. But while the Finnish trio’s music is indeed speedy, their pace of releasing it is not. Apart from this 7″ single, they haven’t released anything more, up until last year when they self-released this 4-track EP…

And although that ‘Ancient Force/Evil Crusade’ 7″ single was preceded by a pair of cassette tapes, with an equally short playing time, this young band’s musical arsenal was thus rather sparse, but listening to this 12″ EP (also available as a cassette EP and mini CD), now picked up by German Dying Victims Productions, we can at least have a safe breath. Rapid haven’t compromised on their energetic Speed Metal with a black edge and a penchant for Dead Kennedys. On these four new songs, too, the band brings music as if time has stood still, but there are a few differences to be discerned for observant listeners. First of all, the sound on ‘Blackstar Oppression Regime’ is a lot better and fuller, thus the riffs certainly come into their own better – which, by the way, doesn’t detract anything from that delightful charm of the ramshackle demo recording sound of, for instance, ‘Queen Of Torment’. But perhaps most important is the subtle addition of some almost psychedelic elements that make the music just a bit more exciting, without renouncing the original musical groundwork. For instance, in songs like ‘The Arrival’, there is a strong leaning towards the aforementioned Dead Kennedys because of the vocal antics of bassist/vocalist Vincent Revenge, but also the craziness of an obscure Punk/NWOBHM band like Agony Bag can be brought up as a fitting reference.

Anyone who shares my love for this authentic and nostalgic music and is not averse to a bit of banter here and there I would definitely recommend giving ‘Blackstar Oppression Regime’ a listen. Not only is it a refreshing sound within a genre that in itself could use it, but at the same time it is also a pretty unique experience. Top notch stuff!


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