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Garden of Eyes – Fetid.Rotted.Cursed [Demo]

garden of eyes – fetid.rotted.cursed [demo]

“Fetid.Rotted.Cursed” is a demo from yet another of Natskog’s projects. Like the other projects, He plays all the instruments himself as well as the vocals.

The guitar has a deep, sludgy tone, churning slowly through the songs propelled by an HM-2 pedal. The solos are buried underneath the rhythm tracks, but play through in a mid-paced licking style. The bass is heavily distorted, thundering bellow the guitar providing a boost in the already bolstered low end. The vocals range from a low growling to a retching croak, I hate to imagine the sore throat they must have caused. The drums are weighty, and so deep that they end up just a low vibration in the speakers. The production is so raw, that it’s essentially lo-fi.

I’m not a fan of overproduction in metal at all, so I can appreciate it even though it sometimes makes the audio a little muddled. I’d recommend this to anybody who is a fan of Entombed, Dismember, or any Swe-Death including Natskog’s other projects. (DanielF)