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Evoker – Demo 2018 [Demo]

evoker – demo 2018 [demo]

Australia has a fine reputation when it comes to Extreme Metal and I dare to say Evoker will not betray the reputation for one bit. This 3 piece from Melbourne beholds the experience of Eren Steyr-Aug, one of the many aliases of the ex-drummer of acts like Hellsodomy and Sacrocurse, and have unleashed their first demo full of Old School violent metal of Death.

This demo is meant for every Old School devotee out there as it will bring you back to the thrashy Death Metal of the mid and late 1980s. Be it Poison from Germany, the debut of Thanatos, the first two of Pestilence (you can hear a certain “Chronic Infection” vibe in the opening track “Coffinrot”), old Sepultura or Incubus’s “Serpent Temptation”, Evoker grabs certain parts and creates something that stands it’s ground nowadays. There are lots of variation within the songs because of pace changes and the riffs, so nothing wrong with the song writing here. I consider this one as a very enjoyable demo and I hope they will get the attention they deserve. (Ricardo)