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Tribulation – The Formulas of Death

tribulation – the formulas of death

As Suicidal Tendencies’ Mike Muir once said…”What the Hell is going on around here?”. My point exactly! The highly acclaimed predecessor “The Horror” was filled with cunning and straightforward Old School Death Metal, while “The Formulas of Death” has all kind of (extreme) influences. Be it psychedelic, progressive, oriental, Death Metal, Black Metal, Jazz…but all in a sinister package with “Darkness” written all over it. What a startling album! Interesting riffs and unexpected swerves within the songs which makes it an extraordinary journey. I was really caught by surprise, especially due the fact I’m no fan of progressive acts like Opeth. The album is diverse with all those influences, pace changes, riffs, leads and multiple layers. An intermezzo like the 4th track (“Leila”, written in Hebrew) gives the album the last push towards “diversity”. Except for the instrumental tracks, all songs are between 6 and 13 minutes and of constant high level. Progressive Extreme Metal without being experimental or avant-garde. Really an album you have to hear instead of reading about it. (Ricardo)