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Adzalaan – Into Vermillion Mirrors

adzalaan – into vermillion mirrors


The Tolkien geeks might recognize the word ‘Vrasubatlat’, which allegedly means ‘I am going to kill you’ in a Tolkien-made orcish language used in The Lord of the Rings. Some of us, who cannot count ourselves amongst fans of this monumental literal work, recognize this word after the name of a musical label based in Oregon. Going through every release I could get my hands on coming from this label, I am becoming more and more convinced the mastermind behind of most projects based in that label is dead serious about it.

Vrasubatlat is home to several projects which are becoming more and more recognized amongst fans of the darkest parts of the underground, covering Black Metal (Adzalaan, Uškumgallu), Death Metal (Triumvir Foul), the combination of both (Serum Dreg) and the same combination spiced with additional noise (Dagger Lust). At this point I think you should hear about Adzalaan (before I start writing the tractate about the label itself and try to convince you that you need to get yourself familiar with it) since it’s the most text book Black Metal release on the label, yet still done with a very creative approach.

Adzalaan is a work of sole member, the creative force simply named R, who is also a member of all the other projects named prior, and “Into Vermillion Mirrors” which was released in April 2018 is the projects debut full-length. Meticulously crafted mixture of raw and dissonant Black Metal with Death Metal approach to drumming and tremolo guitar playing builds a vortex of claustrophobic sound which puts an emphasis on feeling of complete isolation.

Black metal took a certain turn somewhere on the go and today it is not only the genre of music which people use as a background music while getting wasted or making plans of burning something up (never underestimate the stupidity of bigger groups of people). In some cases the modern approach to it is meant for people to listen to it alone and get in touch with their darkest thoughts. There’s darkness in everyone, yet each one has its own form of it, so you need to deal with it on your own. (Black Mary)


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