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Lucifericon – The Warlock Of Da’ath

lucifericon – the warlock of da’ath


After releasing three EP’s and one full-length album, the Dutch Black/Death Metal combo Lucifericon is ready to strike again with a new full-length album, and like their two previous releases they do so in conspiracy with the Irish purveyors of the all-blacks, Invictus Productions. Having been founded in 2009, the band never seemed to have rushed themselves into releasing big amounts of releases, instead they seem to take their time to carefully perfect their craft.

Though they have never been a pure Death Metal band and always had that Black Metal edge to them, they have gradually adopted an increasingly Black Metal sound. On the preceding 2018 ‘Al-Khem-Me’ album we already heard an even darker sound than on their first offering, ‘The Occult Waters’ EP from 2012 (released on 12” EP by Blood Harvest in 2013). On ‘The Warlock Of Da’ath’ the band again pushed their boundaries more towards a Black Metal sound, with the balance of both genres now starting to tilt more towards Black Metal than the initial Death Metal sound. This results in a dark and a more melodic album than anything they’ve done before. Especially towards the end of the record they have added more creative variety, take a listen to a song like ‘Ancient Lineage’ for instance, in which some semi-spoken word is used alongside a somewhat Heavy Metal tinged riff, fast blast beats and hoarse sounding vocals. An interesting twist, for sure. But, at the end of it all, I am able to interpret the overall ambience of the album and the development the band went through, but naming any real highlights is rather difficult. It all sounds a bit alike and, unfortunately, with their slight shift in style they have lost quite some of their own musical identity. Lucifericon now has reached a point that they are just another Black/Death Metal band that uses the occult as their main source of inspiration. Despite all the good musicianship.

So, wrapping this whole thing up, I can say that while the band serves a pretty varied menu and it musically seems to work rather well, it lacks memorability. The result is that ‘The Warlock Of Da’ath’ didn’t turn out being a bad record per se, but it certainly leaves a feeling of slight disappointment.

Invictus Productions

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