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Sacrilegia – The Triclavian Advent

sacrilegia – the triclavian advent

Now we’re talking. Sacrilegia arrives into the blackened convent I like to call home like a well placed punch to the kidneys. A no nonsense approach of Blackened Thrash Metal that indicates these Irishmen are not here to take prisoners. These warriors are out to rape, pillage and burn. Whilst not aiming to be the most original band in the scene, Sacrilegia does know how to write interesting songs, dare I even say catchy at times (although I utterly despise this term myself).

Being quite fond of this sort of atavistic chaos, I’m very glad there are and always will be bands like Sacrilegia that both honour the ancient gods and demand their own place amongst them. “The Triclavian Advent” places Sacrilegia firmly between earlier old school Black Metal acolytes such as the excellent Gospel of the Horns, the early work of the mighty Impiety and Far Eastern madmen such as Sabbat and Abigail. All too often I hear bands trying to approach this style, and they just sound too…. nice. Sacrilegia definitely does not have that problem. They have the right amount of madness and chaos, the dynamics cause hallucinations of studded wristbands, bullet belts and inverted crosses. The dirty yet balanced production with the dirty guitar sound and the echoed vocals fits the music perfectly, only small point of criticism could be that the drums are a bit behind in the mix, and thus sometimes a bit hard to follow.

But as a whole, one of the more enjoyable albums I’ve heard in a while. (Stijn)