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Omegavortex – Black Abomination Spawn

omegavortex – black abomination spawn

The spooky cover art of this production can tell you what you will face when you listen to this first full length of Omegavortex. The German band performs a quite complex blackened Death Metal, as into the savagery of the songs you can find sophisticated riffs with a very fast touch. We’re not talking about “musical math” (like you hear in technical Death Metal), but rather a very good balance between dirt and intricate riffs. To a greater or lesser extent, this delicious rarity is already a staple requirement for bands that are devoted to cosmic terror on “high-speed”, from Portal to Blood Incantation. Well, Omegavortex perfectly meets this requirement.

The atmosphere of terror is evident from the first moment and refers you to the most immeasurable mysteries of the cosmos. All this without moments for the calm, without giving you a break. Yes, there is an exception, which is the almost instrumental “From Obscurity”, a rather heavy track that does not leave aside that mysterious halo that covers the entire album. And I say almost instrumental because in the final seconds of the song you hear the scream “Black Abomination Spawn!”, giving way to the last track “B.A.S.”, which may be the song that brings together the whole concept of these horror cultists.

When a band unites all the necessary elements to create a concept, really is appreciated. In this case, Omegavortex has done a great job that is sustained by an auspicious title, a great cover art and wild compositions, all in the same vein, all with that same aura of terror. Therefore, it gives an effective result. (MarioR)