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Hideous Death – Remnants of Archaic Evil [Demo]

hideous death – remnants of archaic evil [demo]

It’s good to know that the art of creating OSDM will never fade out, at least not in our lifetime. Nod to the pioneers who generated this blueprint for the up and coming generations including Possessed & almighty Slayer!

It’s no surprise that Norway based duo Hideous Death present their four track demo “Remnants of Archaic Evil” to obtain guidance from previously mentioned groups along with Nasty Savage, Death & Venom. Both members go by monikers of The Archfiend & The Horrifier, to construct four tracks full of boorish savagery.

Artwork & logo done by Coffin Slave, logo heavily inspired by Morbid Angel, cave setting with a hooded reaper waiting for you to follow.

For a debut album, you know it’s going to be rough on production, especially to channel elements from the 80s era, it may be a hit or miss for some. Starting with “Desolate Plains of Hell”, combustible drumming within the first minute and a half, gruff vocals come in snarling at times & washed out in other parts accompanied by the malevolent fret work. Favored, “Master of Damnation Fires”, can’t help but think they studied the first two Kreator albums and threw in a couple melodic guitar riffs allocated to refrain from being a monotonous structure.

Instrumental “Thundering Doom”, again demonstrates vehemently turbulent drum technique with swift paced riffs to accompany it, resonating obscure abhorrent commotion. Lastly, their closing title track “Remnants of Archaic Evil”, hellish Slayer-esque impure tempo that is nostalgic, primitive structure that has by ¾ descends to an impending tone wondering if what you’re about to approach is your departure with infernal shrills to go along.

Great effort manifesting old school aesthetics within underground territory. (Tori Belle)