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Triumvir Foul – Urine of Abomination [EP]

triumvir foul – urine of abomination [ep]


Ripping into this existence through a wall of static, blood pours down from the tear and pools underneath; our reality weeps its eternal fluid as the pungent reek of ammonia wafts out from the opening. With one crooked, gnarled hoof, a creature begins to pull itself through, stark naked, ribs protruding through flesh rotting, sinking, hanging from the bones; horns adorn the head of this otherworldly five-man tall monstrosity as the face falls from the skull in drips and globs, hanging on long enough to give the illusion of a beard from a distance. Stretching its inhuman form to full height, the being tore the fabric of reality further, as a torrent of putrid, fermented urine poured out onto the ground around the tear, washing away the remnant of existence’s pulse.

Looking on, a man was gripped in the throes of horror as his sanity was stripped away in layers; watching this humanoid abomination unfurl itself into his corporeality, his belief in humanity, and indeed God was obliterated. It outstretched a large hand, gripping him by the shin, and with the other, flayed his clothing, and some flesh, clean off of him with a razor-sharp fingernail. In the den of unholy hell that was unleashed upon the world; a pool of piss grew stronger, larger, and began to envelop and eat away at everything it touched. The man gave in to horrific pain, freeing his excretions with involuntary spasms of his internal muscles as he writhed painfully in the monster’s grip; at this release, he notices that the giant freak has been continually spraying its fowl ablution with impossible volume.

Destroyed fully, torn apart and bleeding out, the man was utterly helpless; left with the only option his mind could conjure, he prayed, not to a deity, but to the being that held what was left of him. His imminent death was engulfing every corner of his mind, his unspoken prayer was to perish quickly; it would go unanswered, as he slowly bled out in the creature’s unyielding grip. The corpse hung limp, his remaining bodily fluids dripping down, dissolving in the excreta. Falling from the relaxed clench of the mighty hand, his body fell with a large splash, buoying to the surface; it drifted toward pillars in the ocean, the legs of a woman, stock still, knee-deep in the ever-rising piss. She wore an expression of incomprehension, but utter immobility screamed of her sheer terror.

With slow, methodical steps, the creature pulled its hooves through, creating waves in, its urinary sea; cavernous eye sockets pierced the gaze of the woman and hollowed out her skull. The back of her head felt wet, with the first motion she’d made in what seemed like an eternity, she reached up and felt the blood and two holes. Her vision faded as she probed the holes, feeling pressure in her eyes; sickness crept up from her stomach and out of her throat, dizziness fell over her and she collapsed as she felt hot breath on the back of her neck. Suddenly, where the heat had been, there was a soft breeze. Her remaining strength fading, she pushed herself up; her vision returned slightly, now reduced to a fuzzy pinpoint. She scanned the landscape as best she could, and she saw no sign of the creature. Her body gave out, she fell into the liquid again, breathing her last as a sigh of relief as the static returned and consumed her.

The noise aspects of previous works bookend the music rather than interweaving in the dark and chaotic Death Metal that ring out across four Roman numeral named songs. Call forth your false gods, bring with you your sacrifices, for we have been forcefully pulled into a new realm.  Ignore Triumvir Foul at your peril. (EthanM)

Triumvir Foul

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