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Baneful Storm – Invocations [EP]

baneful storm – invocations [ep]

AAARRRRGGGHHH. Baneful Storm from France seems to be the twin of Morbid Angel (Abominations/Altars era) with Mike Browning on vocals. This EP is sick and a mixture of the aforementioned Morbid Angel releases. Chaotic power chords, tremolo picking, double bass artillery, machine gun blast beats, raw power and a shrieky vocal performance the ancient way. Even some keys (not that much) found its way on the records just like on…well, you know which albums I want to mention already. Nothing new at all, but so well done that it needs to be listened, even production wise it`s close to the old gems.

Modern extreme metal heads look away, this is something for the ancient ones. Pure worship and excellently executed. To some it might be too much of a clone, to me it`s an excellent tribute to one of the most extraordinary bands on the planet. One man “band” of the finest calibre, Let the madness continue! (DPF)