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Bölzer – Soma [EP]

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I was a happy man when I heard about the new Bolzer material, I just couldn’t wait to play it, knowing how good the previous materials were. I was secretly hoping for a bit longer playtime but what these two Swiss guys deliver here in 18 minutes exceeded any of my expectations! First of all, for those who don’t know what Soma means, it’s a mythical ceremonial drink which connected the consumer with the spirit world, containing powerful psychedelic plants which at the moment are unknown to us. The point is that those who have ever tried any consciousness changing substances will know that it’s not a joke or a walk in the park. I would bet that the members are deeply into shamanic stuff and the knowledge what they channel is worth giving a read and listen. Powerful, pulsating and extremely well written music is what we can hear, changing from one moment to the other, just like a trip in the spiral. If you take the time to analyze the superb lyrics you find the ego asking fundamental questions, a tortured soul screams for help, relieve. Buy this EP in any format and give it a listen, you will not regret it, after 3 short but potent EP-s it’s finally time for an LP, I really hope that some pretty fucking good stuff will follow. Expectations are high after this masterpiece which kicks my ass every time I play it. (Frank)