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Wombripper – Macabre Melodies

wombripper – macabre melodies

Wombripper is here once again with their Old School Death Metal madness! The Russian front has been reviewed a couple of times here at VM-Underground, and they never disappoints. With their new album “Macabre Melodies” on their new label Memento Mori, they became a 3-piece combo again as Ivan Markin (guitars) left after the “From the Depths of Flesh” debut album. Being a trio on a recording doesn’t matter at all of course, Daniil Kuskov just spends a bit more time in the studio to record the several riffs, rhythms and leads. Live it would be different discussion, but I already mentioned that in my “Shallow Grave Fest III” review.

“Macabre Melodies” is everything what the title beholds, as the fundament of Wombripper’s Death Metal is Dismember still. If you love the whole discography of Dismember, their riffs, leads, melodies, drums…everything, you bet your ass you will enjoy every second of Wombripper’s “Macabre Melodies” to the fullest.

Every Old School Death Metal adept will do his- or herself a favour to check out this crushing album and when you have the Swedish golden era as your favourite era within Death Metal, just to be sure to spell “Wombripper” and “Macabre Melodies” right when you are going to order it. (Ricardo)