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Wombripper – Shallow Grave Fest III

wombripper – shallow grave fest iii

The beauty of nowadays technology, I think it is possible to throw every recording, be it live or rehearsal recordings, on any of the streaming services and you have another official release. And quite fast, just a month after when the gig occurred. Imagine this in the days of early Agathocles, Nunslaughter or Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh and how many releases they would have…

With tracks from the “From the Depths of Flesh” debut album and the “Morbid Abberation” demo you will hear material from the first and last studio recording of Wombripper but you will also hear new material. Tracks like “Shredded Corpse Remains”, “Join Undead”, “Godless Slaughter (In the Name of Doom)” and “Prenatal Death” aren’t on any of the releases which have seen daylight so far, so you would probably hear them on the forthcoming album that will be released by Memento Mori. The Dismember-influenced Death Metal by Wombripper just sounds the way you expect, only one “meh”-remark, but that is a personal thing, when you are with one guitarist on stage and the musical void it leaves when he plays a solo. Most of the times songs aren’t written to let the bass fill that void.

But don’t let it be a letdown to order this live album or their upcoming album, as you will miss a fine buzz saw album for sure. (Ricardo)