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Wombripper – Infected Tomb [EP]

wombripper – infected tomb [ep]

A couple of years ago I’ve reviewed their debut demo “Morbid Aberrations” which was released in 2014. A demo that was filled with early 1990s Old School Death Metal, a mixture of the Swedish scene as well as the American one to be precise. Back in those days I made the conclusion that it wasn’t an outstanding demo but it was a nice listen nevertheless.

After the demo Wombripper released this EP themselves and digital only in 2017 while Camo Pants Records released it on cassette a year after. And now we have the EP on CD as well thanks to a co-operation between The Ritual Productions, Grotesque Sounds Productions and No Bread! Records. The EP is a logical continuation of the demo with an even more emphasis on the Swedish Scene as it is pure HM-2 worship with the whole Dismember discography as reference. Be it up-tempo riffs, groove, mid-tempo rythms or melody…Wombripper has it. Unfortunately they also have a snare-sound that is a bit annoying, but I’ve read the band members themselves weren’t too fond of it as well. If you ask me, Wombripper is definitely a band to keep an eye on. (Ricardo)