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Ad Hominem – Napalm for All

ad hominem – napalm for all

I am somewhat familiar with the Ad Hominem philosophy from their Facebook posts, in which they disavow any political affiliations (and ties to any extreme right-wing or racist sentiment, of which they have apparently been accused), opting instead for the all-inclusive, “fuck everyone” mentality.  This ethos is reflected in the title of their latest effort, “Napalm For All,” and with song titles such as “Napalm for All”, and “Bomb the Earth”, it is evident that Ad Hominem are not here to please anyone. Musically, the album seems draw on the style of Black Metal pioneered by Marduk and Enthroned: Raw, blasting, and savage, but Ad Hominem include more up-tempo, definitely catchy riffs that remind me of the rock-oriented style exemplified by a band like Carpathian Forest.  Indeed, the band’s promo states that, with “Napalm for All”, Ad Hominem “proposes a pure black n’ roll album.”  If that style suits you, I imagine that this album will pleasing to your ears. Personally, this is not the type of Black Metal I am usually interested in.  Ad Hominem is the type of Black Metal band you expect to hear at an international Metal festival.  With its overtly catchy rhythms and unchallenging song structures, “Napalm for All” sounds like it is aimed at entertaining a concert audience, so in that aspect it sounds quite commercial to me.  However, some music fans will enjoy this type of rock n’ roll atmosphere, so this makes it an album suitable for entry-level extremists.  It’s not bad, just not remarkable, either. (DMuerte)