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Serpents Athirst – Heralding Ceremonial Mass Obliteration [EP]

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All hail the global wrath called Black Metal! At first only a few countries were able to create the dark art, but nowadays almost every country, even the religious ones, has a band or two which spreads the plague. This time I’m introducing Serpents Athirst from Sri Lanka to you. The style isn’t the Nordic Second Wave Black Metal kind, but more the raw South American and Canadian filth. And if that isn’t enough, these guys use pseudonyms like Reverend Khaostorm and BlasphemousWarGoat. Therefore it’s easy to name Sarcofago and Blasphemy as the main influences for this EP, musically as well as attitude. On this EP you will get horrific vokills along with pummeling drums and mostly high speed riffs. There is nothing wrong with this EP if you are looking for some diabolical violence. (Ricardo)