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Beastlurker – Sanguine Elixir of Psychotropic Divination [EP]

beastlurker – sanguine elixir of psychotropic divination [ep]

American Blackened Death Metal or Chicagoan Black/Death Cacophony as they call it themselves.

Their debut EP “Sanguine Elixir of Psychotropic Divination” is vicious in riffs, pounding with bones and drenched with vomiting vocals yet not with a cavernous and chaotic  sound. Beastlurker isn’t the most mysterious band of the world…but does play a nice slab of Extreme Metal in which they are shifting from the worlds of Old School US Death and Swedish Black Metal and at times combining the two.

Add a bit of Thrash, a bit of melody…this EP with all its variation has it. (Ricardo)