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Avslut – Deceptis

avslut – deceptis

Here it is, the highly awaited debut album of Avslut! After an EP and 2 singles in 2016 it’s time for a full album. I have to be honest, when I heard the first song, I had to check if I hadn’t by mistake put on a Dark Funeral album instead. Both bands come from Stockholm, Sweden and that you can hear! Avslut brings you fierce and aggressive black metal, but also with atmospheric melody lines that gives just enough variation to the songs. Combine this with the grimly classic black metal screams of the singer, C, and you have one hell of an album. Avslut’s members are no strangers to the scene and they play their songs with confidence. Avlsut can be proud of a debut like this as there is truly no bad song on the album. On the other hand, I can’t pick a favourite either. The cd misses that one epic masterpiece, what I am sure the guys from Avslut can compose. Overall this album is a great example of nowadays Swedish black metal. I won’t be surprised if we are going to hear the name Avslut for many years to come. If you are a fan of Dark Funeral, or even Watain and/or Nordjevel, just buy “Deceptis”; you won’t be disappointed. (Raybeez)