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Silver Knife – Unyielding / Unseeing

silver knife – unyielding / unseeing

With huge cities driving 3 hours just takes you from the centre to the suburbs, within Europe it creates an  international trip from France, Belgium till the Netherlands. And that is what Silver Knife is, an international endeavour between those 3 countries which resulted into an Atmospheric Black Metal album. The experienced members have connections with acts like Laster, Hypothermia, Cult of Erinyes and many more and are no strangers to the Amor Fati Productions label either.

Although I mentioned Atmospheric Black Metal at the beginning, the melancholic music does have some Post/Blackgaze moments (like the track “Unseeing”) but it wouldn’t be fair to label them like that in my opinion, therefore the balance falls too much towards Black Metal for that throughout the album. Melancholic and Atmospheric Black Metal, if this sounds right to you, you have to give Sliver Knife a listen. (Ricardo)