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Akolyth – Akolyth

akolyth – akolyth

An unknown entity within the Black Metal scene once again, the only thing to tell about the subject called Akolyth is the fact that an individual called Sphere created this one man Black Metal project and that the self-titled full-length is the first official musical effort.

Rumours are that the band is probably from Belgium or France…now go on your scavenger hunt, my little detectives. On this album Sphere got help from D., which seems to be the alias of Olmo Lipani, another multi-instrumentalist who is or was in acts like Clouds, Cult of Erinyes among quite some other acts.

The Black Metal is raw, ritualistic and hypnotic yet audible and has its origin in the Scandinavian 90s, with Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” and Gorgoroth’s “Under The Sign Of Hell” as a reference. The sound is dark and misanthropic which gives that extra punch towards the ritualistic and hypnotic part.

Fans of both aforementioned albums should check it out…Let the ritual commence! (Ricardo)