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Hadopelagyal / Thorybos – Conjuring Subterranean Vortex [Split]

hadopelagyal / thorybos – conjuring subterranean vortex [split]

The split between the German bands Thorybos and Hadopelagyal is an interesting one. Their takes on their specific genres is varied in many ways. But where they intersect, is a dark and disturbing corner of Extreme Metal.

Hadopelagyal begins their side of the split with a long winding labyrinth, and then plunges into an even darker abyss. Their menacing and disturbing style is on full display here. The sound is much reminiscent of early Ulcerate and Gorguts.

Thorybos works and builds an extensive sound-scape with several techniques including keyboards. But at the same time, they never lose their brutal bludgeoning extremity. Their output is comparable to their debut release and the recent EP. Their Bestial Black Metal roots shine through with grace and disgust.

This swirling and dense split has tons of replay value, and is a great place to get lost amidst the stress and pain that the daily life is inducing. (Hari)