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Aerdryk – Met de Drietand op Mijn Huid

aerdryk – met de drietand op mijn huid


With label releases AFP199 and AFP200, Amor Fati Productions pays homage to the rich history of the Belgian region of Flanders through the narrations told by the bands Oerheks (which my colleague FelixS has reviewed separately) And Aerdryk. Aerdryk is the brainchild of C.V.B. (Corvus von Burtle or François Breulet), who is also known from Wolvennest, Cult of Erinyes and Monads, in which he plays together with amongst others Oerkheks mastermind Hans Cools. In this project, C.V.B. thematically focusses on Flemish folklore which has inspired the seven tracks on the debut album `Met de Drietand op Mijn Huid’.

The tales spun on the record take the listener on a gloomy and thrilling ride. The music is carried by an often fast-paced and raw, distorted guitar sound, yet complemented by enchanting atmospheric keyboard melodies. One key word to describe the record is contrast: pulsating guitars and pummeling drums against a backdrop of haunting chants and bewitching whistles. Fierce shrieks against Gregorian chants and excellent clean vocals. `Met de Drietand op Mijn Huid’ is aggressive yet epic, gritty yet beautiful. The music is best compared to bands like Limbonic Art, Evilfeast, and Dimmu Borgir at the time of `For All Tid’. Aerdryk excels at the implementation of all these influences and elements, yet still make every single detail shine. The bass is creative and clearly audible (check out the bass line in `Berouw’!) and multiple layers of keyboards are continuously intertwined with the raw guitar riffs yet it never feels as if too much is going on. The result is a glorious record filled with highlights. `Mijn Boetedoening’ is fierce and captivating, with possible one of the most catchy keyboard riffs I have heard in a long time. The title track has a threatening, swelling atmosphere that builds as the song progresses. And one of my personal favourites, `De Rode Klauwen’, starts off at a high pace and then slows down and introduces a tremendous level of richness and bombast. Like the Oerheks debut, Aerdryk’s `Met de Drietand op Mijn Huid’ is a triumph for Flemish Black Metal and quite possibly one of the best Black Metal albums of 2022.


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