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Kiira – I​ä​tt​ö​m​ä​n Sanat

kiira – i​ä​tt​ö​m​ä​n sanat


With the release of their debut album ‘Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö’, Kiira performed a work based on the contemplation of Bláinn, who was perceived as an aspect of Aurgelmir, the ethereal embodiment of the underworld and its currents. With the subsequent album ‘Iättömän Sanat’ that work is concluded, as Aurgelmir is called forth as Birmir, the blood of Aurgelmir which is destined to flood every realm. That concept is laid out in much more detail in the vinyl jacket of the album (I assume also the CD version), which further contains the lyrics and English translations of the songs. But enough about the concept and let’s turn to the music in which much has stayed the same but some things are slightly different.

The band still revolves around main man Käärmeenkieli, but compared to the previous album Yawning Void drummer Þjazi now sits behind the kit. Hrabnaz, who joined the band somewhere after the debut, has contributed to the lyrics but unlike the Split with Svartsejd that came before this record, doesn’t perform the vocals on ‘Iättömän Sanat’. Having said that, Käärmeenkieli’s vocals do sound a little bit different here than on the debut album ‘Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö’, trading the high-pitched shrieks for a more raspier range, comparable to for instance Spellgoth, the current Horna vocalist. And whether it’s due to the addition of a new drummer or not, the rhythm section is more diverse than ever, with especially the drum pace changing throughout the songs. This contrasts nicely with the mesmerizing and purposely repetitive riffs that stretch through most of the songs. And with riffs this strong, who needs to change them up. In that sense the music by Kiira reminds me of Korgonthurus on their ‘Marras’ album, although the songs are much more compact.

Compared to ‘Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö’ the suffocating aspect of the production has been traded for a more traditional Finnish Black Metal sound, where subcutaneous melodies or minimal leads are less obscured than before and drive the music forward. In a sense, the more Les Légions Noires sound of the debut has been abandoned but while some similarities with aforementioned Korgonthurus but also Horna and Satanic Warmaster are there, the more midpaced and hypnotizing approach of Kiira makes them hold firmly as their own entity. The band saved their best for the last two tracks, reaching their atmospheric peak in ‘Iättömän Sanat III’ before the almost epic solo-clad ‘Iättömän Sanat IV’ finishes the album on a high note. Altogether this results in a highly enjoyable Finnish Black Metal album and a crown on the Kiira discography thus far.


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