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The Third Eye Rapists – Deathtrip Transcendence / Magicians of the Holocaust

the third eye rapists – deathtrip transcendence / magicians of the holocaust

Total Black Death Thrashing Violence! Or something similar. “Deathtrip Transcendence / Magicians of the Holocaust” is a compilation of both 2017 releases (demo and EP) and The Third Eye Rapists’s finest.

Being 2 former Morbid Insulter musicians, they know how to sound violent and provocative. 20 minutes of harsh Black Metal with fine dark atmospheric parts, 90’s influenced in a modern interpretation and having orthodox moments in it. “Deathtrip Transcendence” is a wild storm that calms down in the middle before starting again repetitive and in a frantic way, brilliant one.

The tracks got all a horror/psychedelic vibe. Crusty moments are present as well, like in “Jaws of Hades” and it got some Darkthrone / Mayhem spirit. Where occultism, holocaust and decadence meet The Third Eye Rapists aren’t far away. Also a killer production, sounding raw and crushing and very natural.

Those familiar to Morbid Insulter or Katechon should check this compilation. (DPF)