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Dikasterion – Stavelot 1597 / Rome 897 [EP]

dikasterion – stavelot 1597 / rome 897 [ep]

Metal  has taken its inspiration from the middle / dark ages many times before, since nowadays we find most of these occurrences brutal or plain ridiculous, but the whole way of thinking and life in general have been very different from what we know today. Belgian band Dikasterion are about to present two of extremely bizarre occurrences from those times with the help of their absolutely manic and brutal combination of Black and Death Metal in their two song EP. Because occurrences like these cannot be described with the help of smooth jazz, trust me.

First, there is the story of Jean Delvaux, a monk at the benedictine Abbey in Stavelot. In 1595 Delvaux accused several hundreds of people, including other monks and priests of witchcraft. He also claimed there were several convents of wizards in the Ardennes as he witnessed members of the clergy of gathering with demons late at nights to perform rituals, eat, dance and have sex. After two years, while the investigation took its place, Delvaux was found guilty and beheaded. Since he had shown  remorse for his actions, he was beheaded and not burned. This story is told with the help of nasty furious riffing, pounding drums and abrasive vocals.

And second is probably one of the most macabre things that occurred in church history. In the beginning of the year 897 Rome witnessed the so called ‘cadaver synod’, when pope Formosus was trialed for perjury and illegally serving as bishop while he was not a member of clergy. Since the synod occurred nine months after pope Formosus died, the remains of his body were excavated from the tomb, dressed in papal clothes, sat on the throne and trialed. One of the documents from the synod actually states the former pope did not answer any of the questions, therefore he was immediately found guilty. For punishment, the three fingers of his right hand (the ones he used in blessings) were cut off, his body (or remains of it) were stripped of papal clothing, weighted and thrown in the river Tiber. Through the sound of scorching riff combined with unhinged shrieks and marching drums, you can literally imagine how the whole synod looked and how the furious mob who participated in it sounded. If this is how hell sounds… no wonder so many people want to end there. (Black Mary)