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Tetrasigil – Forest Storm

tetrasigil – forest storm


When Luxixul Sumering Auter put an end to Cosmic Church in 2017 it opened room for him to focus on some of his other projects. Frozen Graves released a new album late last year, and a new band called Aeon Furnace surfaced with their first demo. It also allowed Luxixul Sumering Auter to continue with even older projects such as Tetrasigil, a one-man band formed as early in 2009 whose only output thus far was a demo recorded in 2016 by the name of ‘Demo I MMXVI’. That has changed with the coming of ‘Forest Storm’, Tetrasigil’s first full-length album that was released early 2023 by Luxixul Sumering Auter’s partner in crime Kuunpalvelus and distributed by Amor Fati Productions.

On the debut full-length we find Luxixul Sumering Auter, here under his pseudonym Sagittariuz, going on somewhat familiar paths. As with Cosmic Church and Frozen Graves, musically Tetrasigil is best described as atmospheric Black Metal. One difference is that the music on ‘forest Storm’ seems even more melody focused, and there are plenty of riffs that remind of me of Dissection’s ‘The Somberlain’.  For instance, the track ‘Unsilent’ has an opening riff that is almost a direct homage to Dissection’s ‘Black Horizons’. Unlike Frozen Graves and Cosmic Church, keyboards are barely present, giving more room for the rich bass sound to complement the melody-focused tracks. The overall atmosphere on ‘Forest Storm’ is thereby a little bit more dreamlike and open than in his other bands, although it does go somewhat in the direction of Cosmic Church’s swansong ‘Täyttymys’. Tetrasigil doesn’t come anywhere near to what is often described as Post Black Metal. The music on Forest Storm is much too old school and raw in essence, too focused on higher to mid-range pace and too meandering to aim for a hypnotizing mood. A perfect example of what is on offer can be found in ‘A New Dawn’, a song with strong catchy melodic riffs, dynamic pace and a great atmosphere that caps off an album filled with mouthwatering material.

As an admirer of his work, I think Tetrasigil fits in nicely with the rest of his bands in a somewhat different atmosphere and more melodic style. Perhaps compared to ‘Demo I MMXVI’, a much more Lo-Fi take on melodic Black Metal, this new album feels a bit less distinctive in sound, but that doesn’t feel bothersome at all. On ‘Forest Storm’, Luxixul Sumering Auter provides his trademarked excellent songwriting skills showing once again why his music has left such a mark on the Finnish Black Metal scene.


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