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Qayin Regis – Doctrine

qayin regis – doctrine

Spanish Black/Death act Qayin Regis are releasing their first full length through BlackSeed Productions, composed by 4 tracks of dark, malevolent, levitating Black Metal.

The riff reigns, being repetitive as long as needed, creating a trance like aura, sometimes only changed thanks to the drumming which alternates between fast skank beats, doomy rock beats and occasional D-beats. Double bass and tasty fills aren`t missing either. Reverb on the overall sound, most prominent on vocals, adds some extra muscle to the atmosphere of the album. The production is killer and lets the songs shine fully. The carpet woven by the guitars is thick but leaves enough room and space for the other instruments (killer bass parts too). The band manages to play with dynamics very well through the entire album which helps a lot to keep the listener laying on the floor and sink deep into darkness. Mephorash and Nightbringer are only a few names that came to mind for the overall atmosphere. The breaks and thrash laden riffs that all of a sudden strike without prior notice are headbanging grooves for the metalheads.

Nice debut, with tons of atmosphere, groove moshing parts and nice leads all put together wisely with a dark majestic feeling…those vocals, got to love`em. (DPF)