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Ruin [USA] / Absconder – Ruin / Absconder [Split]

ruin [usa] / absconder – ruin / absconder [split]


2020 has been an interesting year so to speak, but at least the metal scene consistently blesses us with top notch releases, this split between Ruin & Absconder is no exception.

Four tracks featured from each band, gives us 28 minutes of Death Metal bliss pummeling our ears. Artwork by Splatter Beast as if a demented, schizophrenic person was having a demonic vision on a bad acid trip and illustrated it. The bold color scheme and linear detail are really lovely and goes along with this split quite well.

Starting with the Ruin side, first track “The Sadist” has an eerie recording of a church singing in harmony for the first 30 seconds, then getting into the track, fresh, fast pace with bits of groove and low, grimy vocals to spew. Really dig the tempo for “Deathless Piles of Rot”, very slow paced then unexpectedly changes at 2:11 mark, constantly hearing the drums and bass dominate, which usually doesn’t happen but it somehow works for this. Not my favorite sample for “Hideous End” but my favorite track from this side. D-Muerte on drums knows how to set the dreadful, impending doom tone and by 0:51 Mihail Jason’s vocals kick in as if he ascended from his grave to bring hell. Really admire the drumming technique to perfectly execute different styles to one track, with doom, some death and keeps a good chunk of groove.

On Absonder’s side, they have a unique sound, perhaps from the vocalist Brad Buldak; his voice on some parts sounds like a snarling primal growl. The first couple tracks are heavy, but the last two “My Rotting Head” has a catchy guitar riff, simple drumming, gradual buildup by 2:01, increasing tempo and hearing the distorted guitars gradually slow down to a groove toward the ending of the track. “From Parts Unknown” is a great track to end the album, these guys know how to create the buildup and then halfway in, BOOM come at you with a punch to end it right and fast and come right back down with ease as if it never happened.

Great collaboration! (Tori Belle)