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Putrefact – Of Those Who Were Deceased [EP]

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In our first issue, I have written a review of their “I Shall Die upon This Putrefaction” demo and was impressed about it. Not long after writing the review, the news dropped in that Xtreem Music signed these guys, which would be label that fits like a glove. Strangely enough nothing was heard about this collaboration since. Putrefact kept on writing filthy Old School Death Metal and Pulverised Records is the one who released this 7”. The two tracks differ from eachother. The first track “We Were Deceased” is without doubt a continuation of the demo when it comes to the vibe and influences, although I dare to say it’s less Swedish than the demo. The fast and groove parts alternate within the songs, which is different with the track called “II”. A slow and lurking song with ditto riffs as well as some reverberation on the vocals to create an obscure atmosphere. There is a faster part in the song to keep the variation going, still the emphasis is on darkness and slow. The track closes with a typical UK Doom lead to make the dark atmosphere complete. Not bad but I think the demo was better. (Ricardo)