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Disma – The Graveless Remains [EP / Re-Release]

disma – the graveless remains [ep / re-release]


Apart from a few purists who continue to swear by the first demo tape, ‘Towards The Megalith’ is commonly regarded as Disma’s best effort. Some go even as far as calling it the pinnacle of contemporary Death Metal. Though I do not agree with the latter, I certainly agree with the bands’ sole album being their best feat so far. But as a close second still comes this ‘The Graveless Remains’ EP, which was originally released on 12” vinyl by Profound Lore Records in 2017 and now gets a tape release by Dutch Seed Of Doom Records.

The band hasn’t been really prolific since the release of their sole full-length album and had a lot of line-up hassle to deal with over recent years. Yet, when listening back to these two tracks it is clear that both of them belong to the best Disma material. The lengthy tracks, that are rather snailish in pace, with only the occasional acceleration, and with an obvious touch of darkness go into the more doomy territories. While ‘Towards The Megalith’ had a bit more ‘Death Metal’ going on, in the sense of various bursts of faster parts and more tempo changes, Disma seems to thrive well in these murky waters.

Earlier this year the band kind of arose from hibernation with a new EP, ‘Earthendium’, released through long-term companion Necroharmonic. I just hope that with that new EP and the re-release of this 2-tracker new life will be blown into the band. Yet, whether you regard ‘Towards The Megalith’ as the pinnacle of todays Death Metal or not, they have left themselves rather big shoes to fill. Curious what the future might hold…