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Gorelust – We Are the Undead

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It seems that many bands nowadays have some kind of revival, and Canadian technical brutal death metal band Gorelust is no exception. With their last effort titled ‘Reign of Lunacy’ from the year 1995, now 20 years later a new full-length album has been released and named ‘We Are the Undead’. If this is a reflection towards their early days, then yes, you can suppose that this band, along with other bands, still proves that their talent still stands tall after such long absence! Brutal death metal in the style of Cryptopsy and Suffocation is heard on this album and hell, it has taken me back to the great mid 90’s where many great death metal was created. The guttural vocals from Jean Beaulieu sounds dirty and authentic, the guitars and bass have a sharp sound that exhibits technical craftsmanship and man, drummer Francis Marman sounds energetic and fierce, the way it has to be when creating brutal death metal. This band wasn’t one of the bigger names in the scene according to me, but if you can come back with such vengeance, then I’m happy they brutalized my ears. The hype of old school bands that bring forward new material…well, keep it coming I would say! Best tracks for me: ‘Rape the Rapist’, ‘Decapitate the Holy Whore’ and ‘There is No God’ with its sublime technical riffs. Thanks for bringing back the good old days. (Fredde)