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Keitzer – Where the Light Ends

keitzer – where the light ends

With “Where the Light Ends”, Germany’s Keitzer has delivered a solid slab of deathgrind.

Equally at home in hyper-blast territory and more mid-tempo passages, the band lays out some memorable chunks of riffage. The guitars chainsaw along, and the bass is metallic and upfront in the mix. The whipsaw changes in tempo are quite enjoyable. The vocals are delivered in a raspy shout/scream, with the lyrics being more intelligible due to this style. The drummer has quick feet, and his double-bass work is quite good, and his blast beats are neatly done. He propels the music along, and I enjoy his performance the most out of the musicians in the band.

All in all, a good album to spend your hard earned money on. If you’re into grind, go check out Keitzer. They’re well worth it. (ShawnV)