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Bastard Grave – What Lies Beyond

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Hailing from Sweden we find the debut album of these death metal monsters called Bastard Grave and what we find here is a band deeply connected with their country mates and grandfathers of the genre like Entombed and Dismember, To listen this album is like going on a regression to the 90s where simplicity and attitude were the main concepts when making death metal. Predominantly filled with mid-tempo passages, these guys have managed to add some serious bad ass heavy fat guitar riffs that combined with uncompromised sound production, gives an end result that couldn’t be anything else than bitter musical ugliness. Being a death metal vocalist, I always put quite a lot of attention to this department so in case of Bastard Grave, the vocalist is pretty efficient in the use of his vocals, these ones do not present the use of different techniques or approaches, it is more that kind of guy that joins the music perfectly through the exact tone of voice and good phrasing structures. One thing I enjoyed quite a lot were the Retro Thrash hints here and there, some sort of Infernal Majesty feeling that is pretty remarkable and given the proper combination with death metal elements, bring some value added to the whole record. So…yep…pretty killer piece of death metal brought once more thanks to Pulverized Records, if you’re looking for originality or innovation…well…go somewhere else…if you want some serious form of Old School Swedish Death Metal…my recommendation in to get your hands on this right away. (Master Butcher)