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Sjukdom – Stridshymner og dødssalmer

sjukdom – stridshymner og dødssalmer

Initially formed by drummer Natt and vocalist Avsky as far back as 2011, Sjukdom was rounded out in the months that followed by guitarist Hul and finally bassist Pesta. 2013 saw the release of their initial full length offering to the devils of traditional Norwegian black metal entitled “Når alt mørkner”. It would be five years before the quartet brought us new music, this time in partnership with the mighty Osmose Productions. “Stridshymner og dødssalmer” is that new music and believe me when I say, it was worth the wait.

Though Sjukdom are not re-inventing the wheel (I don’t believe they want to…their stated purpose is to play in the style of the second wave Norwegian masters), they have certainly learned their lesson well. “Stridshymner og dødssalmer” is an avalanche of frigid riffs, destructive drumming, and frosty vocals. The album is supremely menacing. Evisceration is the order of the day, with no prisoners taken. The storm clouds roll in and the blizzard begins. I hope you packed supplies. Prepare to be buried in the drifting waves of obliterating destruction. (Hayduke X)