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Inexistência / Werewolf Bloodorder / Promethean Gate / Windspirit – Sorceries Of Blood And Iron [Split]

inexistência / werewolf bloodorder / promethean gate / windspirit – sorceries of blood and iron [split]


Now that’s how you make a split release! ‘Sorceries of Blood and Iron’ is an incredible compilation of some of the more interesting acts coming from Brazil lately.

Since we’re talking about a conjoined release among 4 bands, let’s divide it in two halves. On the first side, we have Inexistência and Werewolf Bloodorer.

Inexistência is a newer band, but it already counts some demos, two EPs and some splits under its belt. Werewolf Bloodorder is more akin to a spiritual successor to Evil, one of the earlier and most respected bands from the 90s Brazilian scene.

Inexistência’s sound could be described as a Brazilian response to Drowning The Light and Satanic Warmaster, since it’s a quite fast and cold kind of Black Metal. As for Werewolf Bloodorder, it’s part in the release sounds a bit fuller and heavier, with a more archaic approach to it’s compositions and an aura that invites the listener to witness the older times.

On the second half, we have Promethean Gate, another relatively new band, and Windspirit, which is the newest one here, making its debut.

Promethean Gate is the only band which relies on Portuguese lyrics here, but to great effect. Despite the simpler and straight forward structure of the songs, the vocals are indeed the driving force here. Dictating through a very guttural and commanding voice the overall sinister tone of the songs. Exploring the darker side of ritual practice and spirituality in very evocative ways.

As for the last band, Windspirit is maybe the odd one out of all the others. With only one song, but by far the longest one in the release (a little over 10 minutes), the influences of bands like early Drudkh and even Agalloch are evident. But despite the “cleaner” approach, Windspirit still preserves a traditional Black Metal sound and does a great job closing the split with an epic and darkly introspective track.

Along its 41 minute long assault, this split is a great way for anyone interested in checking out some of the quality and weight that the new blood of the Brazilian Black Metal scene has to offer.


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