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Mourner [RUS] – Apogee of Nihility

mourner [rus] – apogee of nihility

Mourner’s debut album “Apogee of Nihility” is a layered and atmospheric sound with textures of heavy gloom and death, nestled between the influences of Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride, the sound is a well crafted mix of the classic Death/Doom sound.

There are moments of grand conjuring on the album where the wall of heaviness takes an epic sway tipping between melodic doom and crushing death. While there is a fair share of death metal on the album, more often than not, the songs lean on the doomier sound of the spectrum. Riff wise, the guitars weave an intricate web of melodic leads and crushing distorted rhythms that fall into place over the low-end rumble of the bass and pounding drums. The vocals are of the death metal variety with monstrous growls and shouts that when combined with the expansive doom metal sound tie the whole soundscape together.

Upon first listen, “Apogee of Nihility” is a well written and presented album but there is a deeper level of musicality that can only be dug up and brought to the surface through multiple listens. (Ted Gloom)