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Striborg – Mysterious Semblance [Re-Release]

striborg – mysterious semblance [re-release]

Satanath Records not only releases killer new stuff, but also some occasional reissues that might be interesting to some listeners. For me it is the re-release of Striborg`s  “Mysterious Semblance”. Sin Nanna captured some of his best works with this one. Landscapes of pure darkness and isolation have been brought to tape with the excellent use of electronic elements, creating a Black/Ambient world which is more than a continuation of Burzum`s back-catalogue. “Mysterious Semblance” have some striking moments at the beginning with this all repetitive riff patterns, drumbeats and morbid melodies that seem to go endless and only change when it`s necessary to do so. This ritualistic elements are keys to otherworldly or ghostly moments of black misanthropic metal which only a few are able to master. Don`t listen to this If you want crystal clear productions or hook lines. Only raw is real. The essence lies in simplicity, with natural sounding drums, icy guitars, deep roaring bass guitars and haunting high pitched vocals from down under. Let`s say that the most “catchy” moments are the ambient parts of the album, being a sort of counterpart, but also an additional elements for this dark and depressive art. You can feel the pain, you can feel the misery, and certainly the mysterious semblance. (DPF)