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Ethir Anduin – Loneliness of My Life

ethir anduin – loneliness of my life


Ethir Anduin’s “Loneliness of My Life” is Doom Metal at its best. The album features eight tracks which could easily serve as the soundtrack for any of those days when you’re feeling dark, gloomy and at odds with the world around you.

My favorite tracks are “Life Is Punishment,” “Anchor,” and “In The Abyss Of Unconsciousness.” “Life Is Punishment” begins slowly, gradually increasing in volume and power while it plays. There are some really beautiful guitar riffs featured throughout which add to the track nicely. When compared to some of the other tracks it seems a bit harsher in tone, but it doesn’t detract from the composition at all. If anything I found the harshness suited my somewhat bad mood beautifully while I listened to the track. By the time the song had ended my bad mood had gone away, too. “Anchor” begins simply then proceeds to greatness very quickly as the guitars take over the track. It’s powerful, melodic and beautiful. I loved the way the song grew in intensity as it played, making it very easy to get swept away by the music. I admit I listened to the track several times in a row because I liked the sound of it so much. “In The Abyss Of Unconscious” is another one that starts out very slowly before increasing in intensity. The guitar riffs are beautiful as they add a sound to the song that gives it a psychelic quality in places. I could see myself listening to this track in particular while I mediated since it does possess an odd, almost hypnotic quality to it. Perhaps loneliness did inspire the album, but the music itself hasn’t suffered as a result.

This isn’t the sort of album that you should relegate to background music; it’s far too sophisticated for that. Nor should you listen to the album while you’re depressed or out of sorts because it will make you cry. The music on it should be appreciated because it’s obvious that it’s intended for those who can readily appreciate something that is unfamiliar and differnent. If you enjoy Doom Metal that lets your mind travel to places that you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own then you should add “Loneliness Of My Life” to your collection. It will take you away from everything for a little while as you listen to its dark and complex melodies. It did that much for me, and I can honestly say that I needed that little mind vacation at the time. An excellent album; thank you, Ethir Anduin! (LouiseB)

Ethir Anduin

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