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Barbarian Swords – Worms

barbarian swords – worms

“I know nothing…I’m from Barcelona”. Yes, you get it right, Barbarian Swords if from sunny Spain, the beautiful city of Barcelona. Fortunately the music isn’t that sunny or beautiful. No, these guys have chosen the dark path where the obscure lurks. At first sight, artwork and the band moniker for instance, I expected some Blasphemy or Revenge like sound explosion. But they got me fooled, this is a fine blend of Doom and Black Metal, where the slow pace of drum patterns and riffs reminds of nowadays Soulburn and old Asphyx. Can’t imagine these fine gentlemen aren’t fan of Eric Daniels and Bob Bagchus slow guitar- and drum parts. Hold on! I’m not saying they are matching these icons, but they definitely have a similar vibe going on which gives this album something special. The Black Metal part is mostly the vocals, which is a slightly distorted scream. Hell yeah, this caught me by surprise and I’m enjoying “Worms” a lot. (Ricardo)