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Panchrysia – Dogma

panchrysia – dogma

That’s have been a while, since I’ve heard something of Belgium Black Metal act Panchrysia. I remember receiving their debut back in 2002, which was released by LSP Company, aka The Last Shivering Planet Company, which was a sublabel of Shiver Records who were specialised in releasing Extreme Metal from Belgian soil. I also remember the split with Iconoclasm as well. Both were in the Scandinavian Black Metal style around the millennium, that shifted in a more modern and clean sound compared with the classics around 1995. So more Satyricon’s “Rebel Extravaganza” than “Dark Medieval Times” to give you an idea, yet you will hear Dissection and Immortal as well.

Back to their latest effort “Dogma” which cannot be compared with their 2000-era-releases as the Black Metal is darker and more mid-tempo and therefor more lingering. Imagine the mid-tempo parts of nowadays Marduk combined with the bass of B. War, yet less fierce sounding as a whole. Of course there are some up-tempo riffs as well, but the emphasize leans more towards ever-present mid-tempo darkness. Although surprised, I can’t say “Dogma” kept my attention throughout the entire ritual, but it certainly has interesting parts and songs and worth a try. (Ricardo)