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Epidemia – Leprocomio

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Death metal from Ecuador…I must confess that even when I’ve pretty much follower of the South American scene, the truth is that I haven’t been exposed to that scene and the few bands I have been given the chance to listen, were simply jokes…with terrible “sound production” and evident lack of expertise at the moment to perform their stuff. Anyway, as all in life, there’s an exception…and with Epidemia I can say it is the first time I listen something well developed, structured and produced. Leprocomio is their second album after their debut length appeared back in 2006. Eleven years seem to have been enough to polish and develop much better the overall concept that in case of these Ecuadorians is clearly located into the brutal death metal field…the required analogy would be like a less developed and produced version of Cattle Decapitation. The lyrics are in spanish dealing with concepts such as misery, corpses, and overall underworld creatures. Appropriate for the genre but not enough to put them above hundreds of bands using the same topics. The music, as said before, is really well performed and produced, the only problem I got with these guys is that I’ve heard so many bands doing exactly the same. They lack of some DNA, some own characteristics and elements, so that would be the challenge for Epidemia, acquiring some personality, otherwise this band will remain as one of the best in Ecuador reapplying and reproducing what other bigger mainstream bands are doing and…what’s the point of that? Anyway, if you like to have items from not the usual countries but also pay attention to the production, this might be an excellent choice for you my friend, in my case, I pass. (Master Butcher)


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