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Gôr Mörgûl – Elohim

gôr mörgûl – elohim

Something that has been over the heads of many people (not only music listeners) is the state of the culture nowadays. Regarding music, it has been of everyone’s attention how little lyrical substance is put into the subject matter of the “tunes” that we hear on the radio, as if there was nothing to say.

The situation of Gor Morgul is the complete opposite. Considering the genre they play as an underground branch of one of the most unchartable music genres, extreme metal, it is of no surprise for the average connoisseur. However, an album such as the one this Italian quartet proposes us opens up like a million-year old scroll that contains summonings to Hebrew, Egyptian and Greek deities in English, Greek and other languages that are beyond this humble reviewer’s knowledge, all that over a top-notch musicianship reminiscent of Melechesh in terms of style and prose. An album intended to be listened and read multiple times for multiple interpretations. I burn the sky! (Diego E.)