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Triumphant – Herald The Unsung

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At first there was Manic Disease, a Black/Thrash Metal band from Austria, and released some demos and an EP. After a line-up change, drummer Deathraiser got replaced after some issues, the moniker changed into Triumphant and the musical direction is still Black/Thrash, but with a lot of Speed/Heavy Metal elements. So…first thoughts? The German scene! Bands like Desaster and Nocturnal pops right up after hearing some tracks. But wait, let’s not forget the Swedish scene as I wouldn’t’ be surprised if Bewitched would be on the turning tables of the band members as well. The good old Speed/Heavy Metal influences can be heard in the leads and the high pitched screams, just like Proscriptor on Absu’s “Highland Tyrant Attack” on the “The Third Storm of Cythraul” album or maybe even Slayer’s Tom Araya on “Show no Mercy”. The tracks differ a bit, some have a more Black Metal approach, others are more Thrash or have a more epic feeling. Closing track “Triumphant” has a huge NWOBHM sauce over it, along with some clean vocals and a high pitched scream. With the temperature rising, the BBQ set and ready, the beer cold and friends coming over, “Herald of the Unsung” by Triumphant could be a nice soundtrack to accompany the sumptuous meat fest. (Ricardo)


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