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Facebreaker – Dedicated to the Flesh

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Bring out the zombies, Facebreaker is at the graveyard to slay the undead! The Old School Death Metal with the Swedish sauce over it, make you crave for brains. But before I nibble on my own, I still have to let you know how awesome this album is. Let me be clear to you, this will not end in the top 3 of most Death Metal disciples, but there is also not a single critical comment towards “Dedicated to the Flesh” either. It’s Old School, Brutal as stealing the wallet of a blind grandma with a rocket launcher and Groovy as the colors of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine. So pretty Brutal and Groovy if I may say so! Vocalist Roberth Karlsson even mentioned a steamboat is responsible for the groove rhythm…I shit you not! The Facebreakers were on the boat and the machine seemed to have the perfect bpm and they have recorded it to create the perfect tempo they have nowadays. If Cathedral had the same inspiration when they wrote “Forest of Equilibrium”, they would have a huge delay towards their destination, if you ask me…But back to Facebreaker, “Dedicated to the Flesh” is Zombie Carnage! (Ricardo)